Thank you!

after this very successful conference we would like to thank the numerous participants coming from all over the world.

You gave us very positive comments on both the scientific quality and the atmosphere of the meeting with the social program, which we arranged for you.

- Thank you -


In addition, we would like to thank all speakers for their efforts to come and to share their latest results, and to motivate all the young people who came to Magdeburg.  


See you at our next conference in 2010!


Georg Reiser


Klaus Reymann 



Topics of the symposium

  • Ischemia: basic mechanisms and neuroprotection
  • Molecular neuropathology of brain damage
  • Mitochondria as cellular targets
  • Role of inflammation and microglia
  • Astrocytes as guardians of neuroprotection
  • Stem cells as a source for neurorepair
  • Endogenous neurogenesis as a therapeutic target
  • Axonal regeneration
  • Plasticity after neuronal injury and restitution